Good deal on a BMW 840 grand coupe HELP

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I was offered this by a broker, but I can’t figure out if it’s a good deal or if I should ask for more off the window sticker.

Can someone help me see if the numbers look good? A few brokers called me about the exact same car saying they can beat any price I got quoted so I’m confused as to what the best price on it is. I need to get a car this weekend before going away so any guidance would be appreciated.

You need to separate incentives from the discounted selling price

There are no incentives - OP doesn’t have loyalty or corporate.

Then don’t bother. A BMW without the loyalty/Corp incentive is like a toilet without a seat. Technically it still works but something doesn’t feel right.

Besides, how can anyone here really help you? It’s Friday afternoon and you say you “need” a car before going away for the weekend. Which means what, you need to close by Friday night? Saturday morning?

You’ve left yourself no time and no leverage to negotiate.


Discount north of 10%, Base MF are good. VA tax hurts. If you had loyalty or PENFED, that would help alot. I picked up a 2020 840gc in March, but had loyalty, PENFED, and Texas tax credits. Just ballparking it, seems to be in the range of what I got (obviously more since I had the points above to drive monthly down).

Not related to numbers, the car is great! Obviously this is being posted after the dealership is closed, so if you are still in the market…would suggest seeing if there is anything left on the table that you could grab.

Yes thanks good advice.
Max is right I put the search on hold until I get back.

Is it typical for so many brokers to DM about the exact same car? I asked for numbers that I think I’m getting the hang of and then I get, “fill out a survey if you what to know the discount” crap?

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