Good deal? Lexus NX300 2019 takeover

Someone is offering a lease takeover of a Lexus NX300 F-Sport 2019
$450 monthly payment, and 0$ DAT… MSRP $47,000
30 months remaining and currently has 3500 miles on it (total 36,000)
Is that a good deal to jump on?

I leased one last week for $419 a month with $1600 DAS and 27/10…I think it’s a decent deal for this F sport. So far loving the car

Congrats and Thank you. Yeah that one is 36/12 with 30 months left. Appreciate the advice

Are you familiar with this car? Did you test drive it?

Only the regular NX300, not the F Sport one

They both drive the same. The difference is in front fascia and wheels.