Good deal - Infiniti QX50 AWD?

I am getting the following deal from one of the dealers in Northern CA.

Infiniti QX50 2016 Base AWD model
MSRP: 37460
Sales price: 33210
0 $ down, ~393 per month, 10K miles/39 months lease
MF: 0.00119
Residual: 60%

The deal looks expensive to by rule of thumb of calculating lease by hand and hence looking for expert opinions.

Thanks much in advance.

In so cal I went on edmunds last night and hit 10 dealers in the 3.0 premium. Msrp of 43,810 one dealer replied with 33,900 without any contact from me. Most dealers here seem to have over 80 3.0 rwd and more than 10 and.

In another thread it was said the residual is bad on the 2.0 and not as bad on the 3.0

MF seems very high. Should be around .00004

DangerousBri what deal gave you that? I’m in SoCal looking to get the 3.0 premium.

I did much better on a AWD Premium in NY.
$368 sign and drive. I posted it in the share deal section.

Where is the share a deal section? That sounds like a good deal for NY.