Good deal? 2019 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD with Premium Package, $398/mo $0 Drive-Off

Is this a good deal? It’s $0 down, $0 drive-off, with 7.5% taxes included in the payment. If it’s not, what should I negotiate? Or, is there a similar AWD SUV that leases better? Thanks!

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You should be looking for a 9%-10% discount before any rebates.

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Okay, thanks. So roughly another $3,000 off MSRP, then add in the $3.8k in discounts?

I think the preferred customer discount is your actual discount, so it is that which you need to get to about $3k.


I got mazda cx5 Touring AWD without the premium for $300 per month all taxes and fees includes in my monthly payment, no money down and due at signing was $300 for the first month

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Nice work! Was your lease 36/12 and on a 2019?

nope 36/10

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Are you in same region as OP and was the deal done this month?

im from NY bought the vehicle in NJ purchase day 05/18

OP deal is from Columbus, OH.
Could be diff incentives etc.

Do you remember the percent off MSRP you got before incentives? Mine is only at 5% right now.

msrp 29270

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