Good Deal? 2019 Acura MDX FWD w/Tech in South Florida


First time poster but have been lurking around here for the past 6 months watching these threads. So much helpful information. Checking your thoughts on this deal that I’m about to pull the trigger on this weekend. This is the best price that I’ve been able to get in South Florida on this car.

MSRP: $50,295
Selling Price: $42,295
Miles: 10k
Time: 36 months
Money Factor: .0010
Residual: 57%
Down(fee’s, first month, etc): approx $1,700
Monthly Payment: $500 (including tax 7%)

I’m coming out to a TLX lease and have the $1000 loyalty plus leveraging the Acura to Dealer discount of $3,625 in order to get the selling price to where I needed it. In South Florida, this seems to be the best deal that I’m able to get.

Sharing link to calculator also. Got it pretty close to the numbers the dealer is telling me.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help!

what is that? factory rebate?

if you’re getting $4625 in factory/loyalty incentives, that means the dealer is giving you a $3375 dealer discount which is less than 7%. Not much of a deal IMO.

I don’t think it is a factory rebate. It think it’s more cash to dealer that he’s having to pass back to me to get the selling price discounted by $8k. Just to get down to this number it’s been a mission.

why dont you find out what the real incentives are on the car from edmunds?

Yes I’ve spent time on Edmunds and that’s how I found out about this incentive. It’s only spoken about as Acura to Dealer cash incentive.

@mani_is_kool … any input or can you help?

I havent dealt with Acura in a while, but if edmunds has advised u that it is dealer cash, then yes, dealer includes that in sales price.
Are u doing a pull ahead with ur current TLX?

Yes doing pull ahead for my last 2 payments. Plus leveraging my rollover miles into the next lease and $1500 in wear and tear. Based on all this info, sounds like a good deal right?

Try to get them down on the Due at signing amount. I have a 2017 MDX Advance with $1000 worth accessories added and I paid $549 tax included for a $55k model with $0 D.A.S. before rolling my negative… granted this was in December of 2018, I think you can still push them down on due at signing.

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Thanks for the input. I’ll see what I can do when I’m there tomorrow. I don’t think they are going to budge but maybe I can get them to toss an accessory in. Appreciate the help.

D.O.N.T D.O. I.T.
No need to go, they will call you.

What dealer? Can you share the info? Im just got off the phone with my local Acura dealer rolling over $1800 from my current lease on an MDX with technology package msrp 52k MF 0.0010 disccounted to $45.300 $1900 down plus forst payment. $550. Ita high they wont lower it more :confused:

Thank you for sharing, i am learning about this as well.

I just got offered a loyalty deal for 2k down $430/month in Anaheim Hills on a MDX Tech package.

Sorry first time on here, so not sure what the total breakdown is. Why is it soo much higher in Florida?

Seems like your looking at the AWD model based on MSRP. I did the FWD model. It was quite a mission to get to the number I got to. The dealer I was planning on buying the car from over the weekend sold the color combo I wanted right under me. Probably got someone to buy at a higher amount. That was Rick Case Acura in Ft. Lauderdale. I wasn’t about to deal with them after that. I then called in a favor and ended up doing a deal at Esserman Acura which worked out better for me as they were much closer for me. They matched the deal but I had to come up with $200 more which covers 3 yrs of maintenance which works out for me. The process was great and they were easy to deal with. Not sure they’d sell another one at this price though.

South Florida seems like a much harder area to make a great deal. Wish we could get some of these deals I saw on this forum down here.

Thats the same dealer I am talking to now. :laughing: Rick Case Acura. They called me to lower my payment to $550 with taxes and $1500 down they will take on $1800 from pmts remaining on my lease… i belive the msrp is 52k money factor .0010 36 months 10k they kept on calling me about It, i think they need tonclose their month and need the deals… i want the hybrid but may be out my budget…

The incentives should be kept completely separate from the MSRP discount. Incentives are from the manufacturer. And they aren’t eating any of your payments on your current lease unless there’s a manufacturer backed program. Otherwise you’re paying for that too.