Good deal? 2019 330i demo

Hey everyone, is this a good deal for a 330i?

2019 BMW 330i, $46,000 MSRP with 3,500 miles.

24/10k miles.
3,500 mile loaner
$299 a month, only 1st payment, title/tax ($1000 up front)
No MSD’s down.



Selling price and MF?

Sounds very strong at face value

Don’t know the residual and MF, since this is straight from my dealer who has sold me like 9 cars for the last 6-7 years. he said “this is the best deal i can give you” pretty much.

Looks very strong. So total is 1000 DAS?

Seems strong. It sounds like it’s pretty much a base car so they really want to move it.

What’s the tax rate and how much is DMV fees?

It’s MSRP is $46,5xx something, so it does seem to be a base model. I think it has the premium package + navigation. Tax rate is 8.25% and DMV fees is 400. 0 cap cost reduction.

46k isn’t bare bones think that would prob at least have convenience and live cockpit no? Seems like good deal.

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It has the livecockpit, convenience package, remote engine start, rear pdc sensors and one other option i think.

Man take it. If not pass it along to a fellow LHer. I assume includes loyalty.

Ive been in the market, and if I came across this I would add MSD and sign.

Definitely. You might even just skip the DAS and add MSD for the extra security in the unlikely event of a loss.

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You might have the selling price and/or enough info to play around on the LH calculator to estimate it.

A LH calculator link will get you better feedback and help others as well

That’s all you really need on the 2019.

Pretty good deal

LH score sometime maybe useless but 14.1 year (Estimation) still indicate it’s a super good deal!

Awesome price!

This is a really strong deal, I’m guesstimating 16-20% off before incentives. If this is the car you’re shopping for take it, then post the calculator and region for all to benefit.

A base-low spec car (46K is by no means loaded on the new 3er) is the best way to take advantage of discounts and incentives available because of how simple BMW’s lease playbook is.