Good 2019 Ram Rebel Lease?


I am trying to determine if I was able to negotiate the best lease I could get on a 2019 Ram Rebel. The MSRP is $61,340 and my monthly payments are $758 with only the first month ($758) due at signing for a 39 month/10k miles lease. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Need more data but sounds pretty terrible.

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You’ll need to provide more info like rebates/incentives, RV, MF, cap cost etc. to evaluate. My gut says that you did not get the best lease though especially when I’ve seen the F150 of similar MSRP for about half of what you’re paying.

Thank you both for the reply and help. Sorry for the limited info as I finally got the the details (some) from the salesman. Unfortunately I negotiated over the phone and with all the back and forth I mixed my numbers.

Sale price: $57237
MF: .00182
APR: 4.37
Sales tax: 7.375

Didn’t share the residual yet but my guesstimate would be 58-59%?
Also asked of the $5103 difference what were the incentives.

Looking at it now I feel like it is not the greatest deal. I am really set on the Rebel but what should negotiated price should I be going for?

Edit: I’m in Westchester, NY if that helps