GONE! Finally, Toyota takes forever to complete an assumption

My commute changed 2 weeks after I got this Tacoma, so I think it’s best I give it up.

I absolutely love this truck but I need carpool stickers.

2019 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 TRD Offroad Double Cab.

$39,871 MSRP
Options: Technology Package, TRD Shift Knob, All weather mats, Door Sill Protector, TRD Front Skid Plate, Black Out Package

I have $2700 in MSD

Payments are $269+tax.

24 month lease 12k miles, 21 remaining payments.

Residual is $33,003

Toyota I believe charges a $200 transfer fee.

The truck currently has 3,823 miles on it. Absolutely perfect condition.


What’s the defined payoff at the end?

Residual is $33,003

Is your truck still available?

I have someone going through the credit process right now. If they are denied I will reach out to everyone interest.

Who gave you this awesome deal?