Gmc yukon base lease deal

Yukon sle ( base) msrp: 53700
10k a year
800 down
39 months.
Monthly with 9% Tax- 549.00

What is the residual and mf that I’m working with for this model and trim ?

Is this a good deal or should I negotiate further. This was their first proposal.

2016 Yukon SLE 4WD in PA

36/10K: 68% residual, .00152 MF
39/10K: 66% residual, .00152 MF

Targeted: $500 Farm Bureau + $500 Lease Loyalty or Competitive Lease

Without digging into the numbers, the deal seems to look good. It passes the 1% test (monthly payment of 1% of MSRP assuming minimal drive-off).

Msrp is actually 54700. And total drive off is $800. Thanks for your response. Should I shoot for 549 a month with 0 drive off ?

Seems good, compared with deal below you are ahead.