GMC Terrain Lease Questions


So my girlfriend and I were able to get deals on two GMC Terrain SLEs (FWD) in NJ and I just had a few questions regarding the dealers quote. Dealer had quoted me $380 a month while included the negative equity I owed on a trade in. The specifics I got for the car I am leasing are the following:

MSRP: $28795
Selling Prince: $26795
Rebates: $5380
Price after all Rebates: $21415
Negative Trade Equity: $3600
Document Fee: $299
Acquisition Fee: $595
Registration Fee: $400
Taxes: Approx. $930
Money Factor: .00087
Residual: 54%
Term: 36 months/15k

My girlfriend was able to get $270 month/36 months for essentially the same car as mine utilizing the same rebates. Therefore I was unsure why with only $3600 in negative equity my monthly payment would go up $110.

Using the LeaseHackr calculator I got $366 a month for 36 month (I believe Lease Guide was more accurate because it allows for trade equity to be factored in). While using Lease Guide accounting for negative trade equity of $3600, it came out to $350 a month for $36 months. Dealer had quoted me $380 a month. We were actually able to drive off with the cars yesterday without finalizing the paperwork because the Financial Manager had left (nothing has been signed at this point but all applicable rebates are locked in and guaranteed.) We are going back tomorrow to officially sign the agreements. Just wanted to see if there was some calculation I was doing incorrectly and see if the dealer monthly quote was correct.

This is basic math. $3600/36 = $100/month. After adding tax and interest, $110/month makes total sense.

before counting in interest, that “only” 3600 in negative equity is 100/month. (3600/36)

You should be getting a check back because the registration fees you were quoted are a bit high. Was only $252 on a 3 year Equinox lease in October.