GMC Terrain Lease end


I’m about 4 months and 2500 miles away from the end of my GMC Terrain lease. I don’t need a 3rd vehicle but enjoyed having one. My lease payments are paid in full with the exception of of the disposition fee I believe. I think that is something like $495.

I’m tossing around getting another lease, I kind of want to get into something a little bit fancier than a basic bomber like the Terrain and maybe get away from the GM products as the Volvo XC’s look pretty attractive. But I was looking for advice on what you guys and gals recommend to get the best hack this time around.

Spend the next 3.5 months doing research and be ready to jump then.

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I’ve seen some favorable deals, but i am curious about a few things that I was hoping a few of you may have answers to.

In order to get out of a disposition fee on my Terrain, do I have to turn it in at the time of the new lease or is there a time frame?

Do you save a bunch more with one pay over and above MSDs?

Is a mileage increase on a lease a pretty standard money amount? 10k to 15k increase was looking like 60 bucks a month. How fair and negotiable is that?