GMC Terrain AT4 deal - help with calculator

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MSRP: $40,600
Total Savings + Rebate: $1750
Dealer Price: $38,850
Govt Fee: $462.50
Doc Fee: $899
Down Payment: $2000
RV: $21,112 (52%)

Payment 36 mos.: $626-$636

This should be a 10K/yr lease but it’s not specified on their quote sheet.

As you can see, the payment they’re giving me is way higher than the calculator so I suppose the MF way higher than .00104 per Edmunds? Also not sure if I plugged in the incentives in the right place. Thanks for any help!

You are double counting the rebate.

Because I took it off the Selling Price as well as put it in Taxed Incentives? So the Selling Price should be full MSRP then? I checked off the Acquisition Fee box (thus raising the MF) since they didn’t quote an Acquisition Fee, though the sales guy is saying there is no Acq Fee.

Terrain AT4 should have $2250 in available rebates.
$750 Lease Cash
$1500 Lease loyalty

It’s not clear exactly what rebates you are getting as your number does not line up. Neither the MF or the RV sounds right for a GM financial lease. Are you sure they aren’t quoting you a non-captive option?

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By capitalizing taxes and fees as well as Acq fee waiver you do understand that your now paying a higher interest rate on the lease as well as essentially borrowing money to pay taxes at decent rate. Are you really just trying to have a very low down payment? Or what’s the reason for the Acq fee waiver and capitalizing taxes?

I would switch it around and use the $2000 for taxes, fees, inceptions…if I were to go down this path.

I agree though, dealer may be quoting another bank.

It’s a Terrain, not an Acadia, AT4. I’m currently in a BMW lease.

The MF of .00104 came from Edmunds. Not sure of the exact RV for this model and lease terms but it’s 52% on this quote they gave me. Edmunds also says $750 lease cash. All the dealer quote says is “Total Savings + Rebate”. And though I was told there is no Acquisition Fee, I’m assuming there really is one and it’s been waived by raising the MF to .00179 (according to the Calculator).

Sorry about the cross up, adjusted the rebates to reflect Terrain. I get confused because I have no idea why anyone would buy a Terrain when it’s the same price as the Acadia. You should be able to get Terrain under MSRP and/or at supplier discount.

It’s a GM Financial lease. I did not “choose” to capitalize taxes/fees or waive the Acquisition Fee, I am only assuming THEY did that in their quote because the total due from customer is $2000, which is the amount of the down payment and nothing else. I’ve asked for the details of the quote.

Down payment and DAS are not the same thing. If the dealer’s quote is $2000 DAS, then that’s another error in your calculator.

Why, because it says $2568? That’s what the LH calculator came up with (first mo. payment and $2000 down). How is that wrong and please help with specifics so I can get an accurate estimate of what the payment should be. Thanks!

There isnt a correct answer for what the das should be.

When a dealer says $2000 “down”, that usually means $2000 cap cost reduction. The due at sale can include that, plus first payment, plus any number of upfront fees and taxes. There isnt a correct answer as to which of those fees should be capitalized vs paid up front. It just comes down to what theyre electing to capitalize. What is important when comparing a dealer offer is that you adjust the calculator to make sure the das is consistent.

The exact quote on their sheet is “Paid by Customer” $2000. So I’m assuming it’s $2000, not $2000 plus a bunch of other fees payable at signing. Is that wrong?

That would suggest $2000 das, not $2000 down. Right now, your calculator shows more than $2000 das. It needs to be consistent with what the dealer is asking, whatever that may be.

So it looks like it comes to $640.
…for a Terrain. Think about that.
BTW, it is $27/mo cheaper to pay the acq fee.

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Geez, I’m seeing similar deals for a Lexus RX 350 in the marketplace section with the brokers. That residual makes no sense

Also see they have zero percent financing,probably cheaper to buy

In Florida? I haven’t seen anything available in FL.

The GMC deal is nationwide, and check out the brokers in the marketplace section. In todays market. Always important to check the buying option

Damn, I remember when I hacked one of these for <$250/month 0 DAS

It was the model right above base however, IIRC

Exactly. Doesn’t matter what trim it is. ~$25k to lease one is insane.