GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Deal

Located in South Carolina, the dealer numbers match up to what Edmunds has for MF and RV.
Generally I wouldn’t apply the trade equity towards a lease but I would pay taxes and fees at inception. My opinion here is this is free money due to covid used car sales and I prefer the $60ish lower monthly for no other reason than mentally I feel better. A few months ago the 2012 Range Rover was getting offers in the $11- $12k range.

MSRP - $58,645
Discount - $4,127
Sale price - $54,517
TTL - $557
Dealer fee - $499
.00061 MF
61% residual
Monthly $535
7% dealer discount (attribute some to GM College Discount program)
Willing to deliver roughly 100 miles and no need to enter dealership

I think the acquisition fee is inflated $20 but for the delivery and zero hassle I’m not fussing.

I actually preferred the Ram 1500 but I can’t deal with the CDJR dealers any longer…!

Sierra 1500 redacted_LI|375x500