GMC Hummer EV... Reservation/Ordering/Delivery Discussion

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand the point.

But my point is that the Hummer is an example of excess. Always was. And in the case of the Hummer EV, it’s just a demonstration of the Ultium platform for derivative models. Not too many will be produced or be on the road. See ‘halo vehicle’.

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A demonstration of what? How to build the most inefficient EV drive train possible? Production quality problems have plagued this platform and resulted in GMs inability to deliver the product, despite sitting on around one hundred thousand reservations. Not too many will be produced, because they can’t build them properly at any sort of velocity, not because of demand. I’ve got a reservation that will be 3 years old soon with no order target in site.

In the meantime, better full-size electric pickups have come to market first (Rivian, Ford) as well as better full-size SUVs (Rivian, Kia). From my perspective, GM is way behind the innovation curve here.

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What do you have reserved that you’re waiting on? There are a bunch in inventory now.

Is this technically true or you just don’t agree with the product?

Really though, none of that matters because by all accounts of online experiences and forums, the vast majority of Hummer EV owners love the truck. And that’s all that matters.

I had a Hellcat once, and not only did I love it, many other people did as well. Never did I have discussions about the powertrain’s “efficiency”. Some vehicles are made purely for the enjoyment of the customer.

Enjoy whatever vehicle you have and let other people enjoy nice things. You’ll live longer.

The highways numbers are really bad at 1.38 mi/Kwh and even worse in the winter. Well under the 300+ miles of range they advertised when opening reservations.

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Fortunately GM underrates their efficiency (unlike many other EV manufacturers).

Mine are above “1” between charges and lifetime.

Halo vehicles take small slices of small markets. Like Vipers and LFAs.

If they can’t sell trucks in volume in America, IDK if they could sell water in the Sahara.

“Excess” cannot be an excuse for a Hummer EV to be way less efficient than a Lightning. That’s just shitty engineering. It’s like a Camaro getting 30% less MPG than a Mustang.

I’ve had a Hellcat, Mustang, and Camaro before. And let me tell ya, they were all enjoyable.

No one cares about that efficiency crap unless you don’t have one.

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Fully agree here. I leased a new Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 last week and it’s been an absolute blast to drive — the experience is simply unparalleled. Fast as hell, super comfortable, nicely appointed, and wildly capable off road. Sure, it’s not very efficient for an EV, but it’s still an EV — this thing is more efficient than a Toyota Corolla after all.

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And Toyota Prius.

Now, which one would you like to drive? :thinking: