GMC Dealers in DMV


Any GMC dealers worth their weight in the DMV area? Wife’s Yukon XL lease is up in March, wants to downsize to Acadia. Even with GMS and loyalty discounts, I was quoted $831 for a 10K 36 month lease. Seems high for a $54000 MSRP. I know VA is bad for lease, but this seems excessive.

you’re probably paying an addtl 2k+ worth of sales tax. Selling price * VA sales tax, and your property tax.

That def. inflates your payment.

Lease program for Acadia are pretty bad right now. RV in the upper 50’s and MF around 6.5%.

That’s gonna be like running uphill.

Maybe I should go with a Pathfinder instead? Are RVs still upper 90’S?

They are. I personally wouldn’t spend taxes on selling price every 18 months though. Longer terms might make more sense.

Don’t forget to monetize any equity in the Yukon.


Way ahead. I didn’t realize how desirable the Yukons are right now.

Like Max said - only longer lease in VA makes any sense due to full tax spred over time.

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