GMC Acadia / Leasing a GMC

I haven’t seen much here by way of GMCs … Acadias…

Any recent experiences in leasing?

Any insight is much appreciated

Lease a 4xe.
You put so little information I thought you were a new user at first.

GMs don’t lease nicely right now. And the Acadia wasn’t a great SUV as far as I remember when test driving one.

Even in the good times, a lot of brands did not push leases much. You usually had to have had a really strong CPO game to avoid taking a huge bath on all the lease returns. Which is why BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, etc were usually the brands with the highest lease percentages.

They could afford to incentivize leases (some combination of inflated sticker leading to deep discount + inflated RV + subsidized MF + lease cash) to achieve their market share goals without taking a big back-end loss because of their strong CPO game.

PS: these are definitely not the good times.

Sorry for lack of information.

I am trying to replace my wife’s car. Our “family vehicle”. And I am at wits end… trying to find any options without feeling awful about my decision.

This is not easy… lol

Change your tag to show your state as each state has different rules.

What’s your budget? I would pick something else than an Acadia though.

If it’s size you’re looking for, probably Chevy Traverse.

For lowest TCO (total cost of ownership), probably Highlander hybrid or Kia Telluride EXP/SX.

Thanks or the replies guys.

In this environment I’d rather not spend much more than 600.

Previously 4-500. But times have changed that one for me.

Again it’s more of the family car. So hoping for an SUV with either a third row or significant trunk space

Hmmm…as I said you didn’t post the state so I can’t center it better, but try a Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are a bunch of brokers here passing good value around the low 600s

If you don’t actually need the third row you can save even more money with a Honda Passport, RAV4 Prime or Sorento PHEV.

I thought I tagged it. May have done it wrong

I am in NJ

The Jeep is your best bet, there are ton of Brokers here for NJ, just search in the Marketplace. (As well threads on how to save on Jeep purchases)

If you have time the JGC 4xe will be out later this year and that could reduce your price a bit.

Other than that , as Max_G said, a smaller SUV is really more advisable if you are on a budget, too many posts here want 3rd row when 3rd row is a torture to sit in.

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Plenty of brokers in the tristate that lease both Toyota and Jeep. I am looking for a 3 row/family SUV as well. As others have said, Toyota Highlander Hybrid and Jeep Grand Cherokee or Grand Cherokee L will be decent leases. If you want to buy look at the Toyota Highlander or the Honda Pilot.

Really on any GM vehicles at the moment having a supplier code is your friend, as well as a dealer who is willing to do supplier pricing. That can be a challenge. The incentives on the Acadia actually aren’t terrible right now (On the AWD SLE for example there’s $3000 lease cash, $1,500 in lease Conquest or $2,000 for Buick/GMC loyalty). It’s a matter of finding a dealer who will do a supplier deal.

Well he didn’t post he had a supplier, are that easy to get like the Jeep one?
And I didn’t like the Acadia at all, really hated that weird push button transmission that looks like an cassette player

I guarantee it’s better than the previous version that would refuse to acknowledge that you were in “Park” after failing at 10,000 miles.

Amazing thank you

I was considering the Longer Version of the Grand Cherokee. That may fit the bill

Why do the 4XEs have the most compelling lease deals today? seems very different from the rest of the car market no?

They include a 7500 rebate. Only EVs can do this. And only if the OEM wants to give it to you. Stellantis does.

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