GMC Acadia lease SLE2


10,000 miles a year for 36 months

You’re not in terrible shape here. You might be able to push for another 900 to 1000 off though. Ask for a selling price of $37525.00

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I am not a fan of comments where people suggest other cars to look at but … do you really want to pay $400 for a GMC?

As opposed to those 3 row 320i loaners or what?


No loaner or unicorns. Lexus RX or NX.

NX is smaller than a Terrain. Acadia compares to RXL which you’re not getting for 400/mo.

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Didn’t realize they were aiming for a 3rd row.

If you looking at those numbers you can probably also check out the Infiniti QX60. Those always seem to around that price point, have a decent 3rd row.

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Tech that hasn’t been updated in eons though. No Android Auto or CarPlay still IIRC. Plus the QX60 third row is pretty small, smaller than the Acadia I believe. Plus you’re getting a CVT, which is a take it or leave it for a lot of people. We haven’t really seen any Infiniti blowouts recently, and I’m not sure we will anytime soon given the troubles Nissan is having at the moment. For the money the Acadia is a well equipped vehicle with a third row, especially if you can hit the incentives right. It’s kind of a limited market at the moment in terms of good lease deals.

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@Talor821 I dont think its too bad…
2014 we leased a FWD sle2 w GM discount for around 250 with about 2k down (GM employee package leases like that were non negotiable)

Just a FYI 2020s have a refreshed from end , plants shut down in June for retooling should start kicking them out in mid July, with avail. Late Aug to sept.
The leases TRADATIONALLY on the out going models were less expensive when the new models hit showrooms than before the new models were released. Again this is past experience only (not a predicition)

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Can’t compare a lease from 5 years ago to today. Completely different programs. Likewise, you were using GMS. Not to mention, that was a completely different car.

Like I said I didnt think he is getting a bad deal. Proce has done nothing but go up since we leased… so to get pricing like that isn’t horrible
Was more for reference as opposed to “comparing” the leases.

If you want to compare though,
GMS on a SLE1 is currently 299+tax with 2400 down (34k msrp 10k/yr)