GMAC one pay lease

Does anyone know what MF GMAC uses for a one pay lease? I’m shopping 2017 Colorado 4x4 Crew LT.

Which GMAC are you referring to? The old GMAC is now Ally Financial (and a company separate from GM), and GM’s new captive FinCo is GM Financial.

BTW, if you posted at 6:16AM eastern / 3:16am Pacific, I don’t think starting a duplicate thread within a couple hours is going to get you a quicker answer.

GM Financial:

For 24-27 month subtract .00042 from published money factor (1.00% APR), for 36-48 month subtract
.00073 from published money factor (1.75% APR). Single Payment adjustment is done prior
to any additional MF adjustments; minimum money factor is .00001 (0.02% APR).

Sorry I’m new to this site and didn’t know how to erase the first post and thought it was important to add that the lease was in Ohio because I think MF are regional.

Thank you adamcar. Exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks again.

GM Financial lease program is national except for some extra lease cash sometimes in certain regions.