GM Market offer?

Is there anyway to get Chevy market cash if it’s not your area? A few hundred miles away has an extra $3500 lease cash that I would gladly drive for if I can use it. Thanks

No. GM rebates are based on garaged/registered address. Unless you move and change your address, you’re stuck with what you got in your region, even if you lease outside your region.

Thanks. That’s what I thought. Wish there was a way around it.

What market and what vehicle?

I’m in northern S.C. Looks like the 3500 kicks in around mid Virginia about 300 miles away. Tahoe.

I’ve done everything possible other than taking a hostage to try and get a private offer. 3 iPads, 3 phones and 4 computers going on after clearing all cookies and data and building trucks and stuff. Clicked on every ad and even signed up for 4 quotes when that pop up shows on chevys site. Got one email thanking me and 160 from dealers.

Are they even doing private offers? I haven’t heard of them reliably occurring for years. The last one was a Terrain one last year and it was meh

That’s funny. I’m in Greene County VA. My zip apparently is on the border of the SE and NE region. That can have a big difference on incentives. Last time I pressed like leased an Encore, the dealer entered my zip and picked the wrong county and was denying me an extra $750 in lease cash. Soon as they corrected it, the extra lease cash was able to be applied.

It shows anywhere from $1000 to $3000 “targeted private offers”. I think I saw where someone got a $3000 in the mail recently and it wasn’t a pull ahead.

Yea I was searching a 300 mile radius on Edmunds lease offers and I hit a few that were like $150 less a month. Got all happy and went to the dealers site and saw a $3500 in market lease cash. Bomnin in Massasas had some real good pricing. Called them and they were seeing what could be done. Then dealerships in the Gulf area(Alabama) had $2000 offer and we don’t have $0.10 here!

That isn’t like the pop-ups that you used to be able to fill out online. Very different. And nobody has reported about the online private offers on any forum that I’ve seen. The GM Volt forum is usually one of the first to find them and they have posted zilch about them

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I’m almost positive this is the CC top off offer.

It shows as incremental cap cost reductions.

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I read several on here that got pop ups as recent as November while searching Traverses and some others. May just be certain models and zip code combos trigger it. Some recent ones on GM insider also.

November is two months ago. That’s essentially an eternity in the lease world. GM used to be very finicky with them and they would only be available for a couple of days a month when they were offered. If you haven’t gotten it yet, then it doesn’t exist right now.

Autobytel shows the incentives differently (using Rock Hill as the location), so who knows which site is correct.

Even on the Chevy site when go through and build on the summary page and it shows the lease payment option it will show the $3500 when you use any zip north of about mid Virginia.


Looks like you need to move north of mid Va then. You’re out of luck in your current area. Maybe next month will be different…who knows.

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Well you don’t live in the Old Dominion so you’re SOL. There’s no way to get it that isn’t fraud. Case closed.