GM Lease incentives based on where I purchase?

Hello - quick question. Right now there are sadly no lease incentives for 2019 GMC Sierra 1500s in my area (Missouri). I see that there are incentives in other places. So considering I could get $0 or $5400, I would much rather lease from somewhere that has decent incentives available. The question is - are the incentives based on where I purchase or where I register or do I even have to tell the dealer where I’m registering?

Here in Arkansas is the same. I couldn’t find any incentives for leasing. For purchasing they are offering around $14k for the SLTs.

Where did you find this $5400?


New England is $5400 and California is $3900. Haven’t seen much else for the slt anywhere

GM incentives are based on your registration zip NOT dealer location I also edited the title so that anyone searching for this in the future can find it with more ease.

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Thanks for the info, I’ll try to piggy back on here and see if I get a response. is this standard for all/most manufacturers?

The response you will get is they go by registered address…

It varies by manufacturer