GM Lease Deals in florida

I have GM bonus money i would like to use by end of month if anyone has any deals please let me know. I am flexible on car just looking for a smoking deal under $200 a month.

Any GM Product?

If so, I believe the outgoing (new model next year) Equinox or the current Gen Cruze have been posted here.

If GM only, I would think the outgoing Terrain.



Do you have any other incentives like loyalty or conquest?

What part of Florida are you in? I’ve been searching Sarasota, Tampa and Orlando the last two days and I’ve come up empty. I too want to stay around $200 - $250 and need cargo capacity with the rear seats folded down of at least 65 cubic feet. I’m a GMS buyer but that doesn’t seem to be helping.

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Miami but will consider anywhere in Florida

Well, I did sent the Cruze deal in the front page of leasehackr to a some of chevy dealers here in the Miami area and two said they would be able to match the calculation. It was about $97 per month plus taxes. I was able to get that because I got the 8% off MSRP plus competitor lease discount that chevy was running last month. Not sure if they still have that. I di not go thru with the deal because of recent job uncertainty.

Which dealership will honor in Florida? I’m trying to help my sister ger a car.

Tropical Chevrolet and Miami Lakes Automall said that they would match that price

Pet peeve, but for me (and I’m sure others) this is the favorite category to read. If you’re not sharing a deal or a tip, please post in another category.


100% agree. Don’t like how dealer says post their offers here too. They need to take it to the Marketplace.

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