GM is discounting 20% off MSRP on all SS models

Good Morning Hackrs,

Just saw this on Jalopnik and wanted to pass it along. Looks like they’re going to be discounting the SS and GM is putting factory money into the deal. Here’s one for example:

Obviously this is before any discounts from the stores. Happy Hunting :smiley:

Any word on if they will lease these? Last I checked, leasing was not offered.

According to the 20% off is not available with special finance, lease or other offers. Take delivery by 03/13/2017.

Chevrolet doesn’t offer leases on the SS. It’s a great car and 20% off is the sweet spot!

Don’t get me wrong… it’s a great car to drive, especially with a manual transmission, but even with this discount, it’s still a 45k proposition after tax, title, license, etc (MINUS DEALER DOC FEES).

Anyway you slice it, that’s still a pricey ride. Just trying to look into all options.

Think about it… 45k, you put 5k down and you’re looking at a car note of $735/month for 60 months if you use GMAC and qualify for their ‘best’ rate, which is now a chuckle worthy 3.9%.

I agree that’s why I got a Scat Pack. Much better deal to lease and it looks better in my opinion. I do love the Holden variants and loved my G8, but Chevrolet is just meh in the look department with the SS. Plus they discontinued green for this year so that crossed it off my list.

This thread is about the SS sedan (stupid name), not Camaro. Therefore my point stands. I needed a 4 door car. If I was gonna get a new coupe I would have kept my Mustang.

Regal Peacock Green still available on SS for 2017

OP post is pointless as this is Leasehackr not Buyhackr!

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Yes my mistake, I got a little too excited when I saw that 20% and didn’t realize you couldn’t lease these.

Some cars you’re just better off buying…knowing that is a hack, too.

Similarly, there are other cars on here with really low RV and/or high MF