GM Financial - Paying Last 2 Payments Together Before Returning Lease Early?

Hi Hackrs! Simple question here… I’m planning on returning my Cadillac ATS-V lease about 2 months before the maturity date. It will be a simple return at the dealer, no new purchase or lease, and I wouldn’t consider a purchase because the car’s value is about $8k below the residual. With about 3 months to go and 2 payments left, I just want to pay the last 2 payments together through the GMF website. Is there any reason why that would not be advisable? I’m assuming the alternative would be to wait for a final bill in the mail. My lease has no disposition fee and there is no chargeable damage on the car, so I’m not expecting any further charges after the last payment. Thanks!

Shouldn’t be a problem to just pay the two payments. You have to pay them one way or another.