GM family discount question

Has anyone used this lately. I just got my code. I am talking to multiple dealers. They are all asking for the code, just to give me numbers (except 1). I am not sure if once it’s verified, I am locked in to that dealer. Don’t want to make a mistake here. Thanks

not sure about being locked in if you give them the code. They do not need the code to run the numbers though. Just got a lease for a traverse and they didn’t ask us for the code until we signed the paperwork. They just believed us when we said we got family discount pricing. The dealers are probably asking since a lot of people come in with friend discounts or supplier discounts and think they are family or employee discounts.

I’ve done several GM family deals. Never gave the number until we agreed to the deal.

They don’t need it, and if they’re asking for something they don’t need, be wary.

In addition, there are dealerships that have been caught using other members codes to have 2 prices on a vehicle. Dont give out your number until you sign.