GM dealership verification for Farm Bureau certificate?

Bit of an odd question about how the Farm Bureau $500 certificate actually works when buying at the dealership. The page below says you have to already be a member for 30 days before you can create your certificate, but it will generate one for me today after a little over 2 weeks of membership (much to my surprise):

The certificate mentions in the fine print that you (again) need to have been a member for 30 days, but does the dealership do something to verify this? There’s no joining date listed. I was planning to wait on finalizing any kind of Volt lease until later this month, but now I’m wondering if the certificate I have will already work.

Thanks for any experience you have.


I just signed up for the farm bureau but would like to take advantage of march lease numbers. Were you able to use it early?

I only started the dealership discussions yesterday. So probably the earliest I might try it would be this weekend, but it could go later.


How did it go with using the offer? when the link worked, was it because it was a new month even though it was only 2 weeks? When did you sign up for it? Thank you

Unfortunately, trying to lease a Volt in a non-CARB state can only be described as tough sledding. Discounts are a fraction of what the California guys get every day and dealers tell me I should be thrilled with 3-4% off MSRP. Maryland dealers won’t even write you back once they figure out you’re not in Maryland, suggesting to me that they’re getting additional holdbacks or something from GM when they sell to Maryland residents. So all to say, I haven’t tried to use it.

I signed up on Feb. 18 and printed the certificate on Mar. 5 or so. So it was a new month. Have you tried putting your member ID in the page and see what happens? I suppose the worst that could happen would be it not letting your get your certificate.


Is it even worth it to go for the farm bureau? You get 500 – residualized is about 250 - cost of membership 78? so its $5 a month right?

You are not residualizing any rebates.

That’s $500 less you are paying over the lease plus the small amount of mf(interest) on that $500 you are saving. There may be other discounts for being a member other than vehicles, too.

Yeah, it also has a bunch of other discounts. Anyone know how to get ahold of them? I joined a few months ago and am trying to use it to get the GM discount, but I don’t have my member number so I can’t generate a code… I tried calling and I couldn’t even get the call to go through, maybe because its the weekend?

Gotcha – Ok Its residualized off MSRP

Check your email. I got my member number in the “welcome to the Farm Bureau” email I received from them.


I got that email also, but it only had a conformation number and a note saying that I would receive my welcome packet and member id in the mail. What did it say for you?

Mine had my member number centered and boxed. My welcome packet in the mail mostly had sample preserves and some apple butter, heh.


I’ve started the process with a dealer and sent in my Farm Bureau certificate a few moments ago. So we should have an answer on this topic shortly.


Got a note from the dealer that all has been processed and we’re ready to go. I won’t be able to go up there to finalize everything until next week, but this is at least one data point that suggests if you can print out a FB certificate from the site, it may indeed work fine regardless of actual date.


So how did it actually generate? What link did you use to generate the certificate?


I used the link in my original post, and it generated a certificate after only 2.5 weeks. But it actually was about 30 days before I went to the dealership to finalize the lease, so I didn’t use it until that point. So it may not resolve the question about using it early since I had the full 30 days on my day of picking up the car.


Does anyone know what it means when I get an error message on the Farm Bureau site saying “error generating”?

Thank you

Does anyone have information they can share please?

@tony_romo since you’re retiring and entering the regular working world I will try to help you out. You need to enter 3 0’s infront of your ID number. You need to be a member for 30 days and if its still not working contact your local farm bureau.