Gm dealer complaint - please advise

Dealer promised to match a quote on email and even confirmed thrice on phone call that he will match it…Denies it on reaching there - I got highly frustrated and angry since she made me and my pregnant wife along with 2 friends drive 100 miles …and lost a day of work for me and my wife along with friends (That too after confirming on call and email multiple times)

While filling in the lease form I was told they will give me the same numbers…10 mins later after she leaves with documents- her manager comes and says he cannot do that deal and there is 1200$ difference…and he can offer that deal - there is no way he can match that deal.

I wan’t the dealer to face the same frustration and inconvenience -so that he does not do this to others…
What can I do and to whom I can complaint ? Can I get my loss of work day compensation?

Please advise

Can I go to State Attorney General or Better Business Bureau or State Consumer Protection Offices


Can I go to State Attorney General or Better Business Bureau.

Find out who the owner is and General Manager, and raise hell! Yelp reviews and all that also. Most dealerships care about what is publicly said about them.

Thanks @willwar14 - Do you know how can I find who is the general manager and owner - any thoughts.


I had a dealer violate some FTC rules to get me in. Indicated it on yelp along with case # examples of what happened to other dealerships who violated such rules with instructions for others on how to file an ftc complaint if they are experiencing the same thing. Owner of the company called his staff in and had them contact me to see how they could change the experience.

Send me a pm with what dealer it was, and ill do some research for you :).

Name and shame the dealer here!!!

It should be on the dealer’s website. GSM (general sales manager) and overall general manager of the dealership, effectively the CEO.

you can just call the receptionist of the dealership and ask. Usually a GM has an executive assistant, you can ask for that person as well. I agree that a dealership’s owner is often unaware of what is being done at a lower level and needs to be made aware. Yelp in my opinion doesn’t do anything, they don’t really care.

Thanks Everyone - I have all the proofs on the what they did to me and my 8 months pregnant wife. Can I report this somewhere with proofs ( I do some options online and will try my best - unless GM gets back to me) …I just want them to feel the pain and inconvenience and so that they don’t do this to others.

@dealcheck you are taking this personally (rightfully so) but to the dealership it’s just another day at work. A lot of times the sales guys are asked to get the customer in the door at any cost and then have a sales manager or someone of higher rank take over and try to squeeze the customer. You will most likely never feel like they’re making up for it and they’re not going to honor a deal because you have “proof” either. Best you just let go and write it off as a “lesson learned”. I’d try to reach out to GM, if not file a BBB but beyond that, it’s going to be time end effort spent with a result you will most likely not be happy with.

Because of this, a lot of us “hackers” won’t set foot in a dealership without a signed sales letter. A simple “promise” from a sales guy over the phone is usually insufficient.

Yes - I am feeling frustrated and angry specially for my pregnant wife who was not feeling well and I pushed her to come since we were leasing a new car and I had that cheer and happiness since everything was confirmed on email and phone - If I was all alone or It was nearby I would have let it go…I would try my best to teach a lesson - at least they will think twice before using this unfair sales strategy to call someone of a far place.

You think this has never happened before? It’s frustrating I know but it’s all part of the game. Can’t let feelings get in the way of business. Deep down, the GM probably thinks the salesman did a good job, no matter what tune he sings to you.

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Write reviews everywhere. People do read them.


Do not sweat it, don’t let them rent space in your head for nothing. This probably will not be the last time a dealer screws with you. It is the nature of the beast. In the last year I have bought two (not one) one way plane tickets to pick up a car that the dealer lied or misrepresented, even with a signed agreement, deposit paid, they can and will still back out. Sure you have legal recourse, BBB and reviews. Let everyone know the dealership and the manager you dealt with. For me it was Hyundai Auto Nation in Columbus Ga and BMW Mini in Miami.

GM called - if he doesn’t address and take action - I will name and shame as will try BBB,FTD

BBB is useless. It’s a business designed to take money from businesses and make consumers believe they have some recourse.

If you want to get under their skin - call the local news station. They love to slam car dealerships because everyone hates them.

@MIKETOOLZ did you have problems with bmw mini south miami or braman ?

@Benedetto in my experience BBB complaints at least result in some form of movement unlike other review sites. If i could only complain to one site it would be BBB based on my experience. But i agree, it’s not some legal recourse or anything like that.

Sorry I should have been more precise, I am not familiar with so florida dealers, it was BMW Braman motors, Palm Beach to be exact.