GM CEO announces thousands of job cuts, factory closures & more


Oshawa is a definite fatality

On a side note, I’m happy to see Doug Ford, brother of the late, and legendary mayor Rob Ford, is now the premier in Ontario.

Wonder if he has enough to eat at home as well :joy: (wonder how many younguns on this site know what that reference is from)


Ah Rob Ford… What an absolute icon. That man made great tabloid stories.


YouTube gold!


Looks like the CT6 may soldier on after all…


Livery must be keeping it alive. I also think it gives the Cadillac Deville buyers an option.


The funny thing is, it was touted as the flagship sedan…only to be killed 3 years after it started production, then resurrected. If it’s going to be the fleet darling, that’s not saying much for the term flagship


I personally really like the look of the CT6, and I am not a Caddy fan whatsoever. I’d you haven’t seen one in person (I’ve only seen a handful in SE MI), the vehicle has some serious road presence. Too bad GM still can’t put together a top notch interior.