GM CEO announces thousands of job cuts, factory closures & more


They must be doing something right. Sierra + Silverado sales are about 125k higher than Ram


Silverados can be had for cheap. A coworker just leased a Silverado with a $48K MSRP (granted that’s fairly cheap for a pickup) for 36/12 for $350/month. I don’t know how Rams compare to that, but that could be a big reason for the difference in sales.


I leased a $43k Silverado for less than $300 with minimal due at signing. So in the sweet spot it’s good, however I’m seeing some F150 deals on the forum that were better than that for what I think is a better truck.


Ruh Roh Raggy…

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GM made billions last year and the years before that as well I believe


SO who wants a Chevy Cruze lease???:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My prediction, fire sale on cruze and bigger incentives on volt but lower resduals.


I can see this happening…but most likely not on a lease. They’re not going to want it back in 3 years


You are way wrong.

GM lost $3.9 Billion last year. But if you exclude costs of selling Opal they made all of $300 million.

I guess that $50 Encore lease they gave me last year really hit their profits.


Fiat tho…


Apparently, there’s a new sheriff in town now that Marchionne is gone


Funny thing is that back in 2015 Marchionne shared his opinion that car manufacturers waste too much money on research and should consolidate their efforts, which is what GM doing.


Not really.

The real bright spot was in the automaker’s pre-tax profits, which totaled $12.8 billion. That matches its record in 2016 and resulted in profit-sharing checks of up to $11,750 for GM’s roughly 50,000 hourly UAW workers.

The Detroit automaker’s earnings-per-share also reached a record $6.62. GM said last month it expected earnings-per-share of $6.50.


Chevy makes reliable cars. They are better at it than you think.


I’d rather go off my first hand experiences with many GM vehicles over any potential pay to play awards or surveys.


Many?!? Something kept you coming back.


Payment % vs MSRP.

I have FOMO