GM April Lease Incentives

I’m interested in a Cruz but I don’t qualify for the $3000 Asian Conquest cash. Does anyone know what is being offered in April?

You shall see tomorrow… along with everyone else.

You probably won’t know the full picture (MF, RV, etc) until the 5th or so…

Do you currently have a GM or any other lease?

No current leases. I own a VW GTI and Ford e250 van outright.

So, is it silly to even shop for a deal during the initial couple days of the month?

Yes you can shop but only for test drives and so on.There won’t be pressure to close, buy now, buy today etc etc

You can shop today thru Monday on the assumption that you can still use March numbers and that April programs won’t take effect until Tuesday.

One of the dealers on this forum said something to the same effect.

I think this is to prevent an occurrence such as today, when the first falls on a Saturday, and dealers who have been talking to customers all week can’t close on their best day of the week because all of a sudden all the numbers changed.

I wish you were right, in my case. I just got through with texting a dealer in Delray Beach, FL about that amazing '17 E300 deal ($400’s) that some members got. I ran some similar numbers by him and he asked if they were last month’s numbers. I said they were from 6 days ago and that I understood that when the 1st falls on a weekend that they usually extend through the weekend. He said that was, in fact, correct and that he’s never seen them start the month on the weekend, but they did with April. Also said MB was very aggressive in March. Lucky me, awesome timing! :wink:

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