Glendale CA BMW Black Friday Specials

Most of you might not agree with the amount being put down. But please keep in mind that these are numbers without MSD and credits/rebates (And it’s 24 month lease). When plugging in to the lease Calculator with the standalone numbers I’m still getting a score of 10+. Happy Thanksgiving and happy lease hacking!

Edit: Having a hard time uploading the photo… I resized it to 2.0 mb and the system still won’t let me upload…

150+ cars and not a single manual in their inventory

Great dealer and talk to Greg Poland who works there who does not mess about and talks straight. The blue X3 they have he offered me for $430 with MSD’s a few weeks ago. That is better than their black Friday deal.

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they do talk semi straight but you dont get best deals…they are still high on numbers but no games like most dealers

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Any thoughts who has the best deals ?