GLE43/400 vs X3 M vs SQ5 vs Macan

Hey All-

So glad I stumbled on this site. The lease on my 17 Cayenne VR6 is up on April 20th so I’m trying to decide what I’m buying next.

I’ve narrowed it down to the SQ5, GLE, X3 (or X5) or Macan but I’m struggling to find anything with adaptive cruise leasing under 1k a month.

I’m open to any ideas and really appreciate any feedback. I’m also totally fine with a CPO or prior demo as well. Looking for a 15k lease for 2-3 years.

I’m located in SoCal

Thank you for any feedback

Not sure what the question is here…

@coni I’ll go out on a limb here and say in reading his post, he is soliciting an answer to his question of looking for a lease under $1k mo w/15k mi/yr/24 or 36 mo., of an SUV that has adaptive cruise. I can also gather he doesn’t have any specific deals for us to evaluate.

I’m paying $700/month for my 18’ Macan… with adaptive cruise…

I’m paying 486/month for stelvio ti sport with Adaptive cruise.

For $1000/ month you could get a stelvio quad, which gave all those (including macan turbo) a beat down in a car and driver comparison test.

i think a grand cherokee SRT also has adaptive cruise

Hey All-

Sorry if my post was confusing. I meant to convey that I had driven all of the listed cars & would be happy with any of them for my next lease so I thought I’d post to see which one leased the most aggressively or if the group had any ideas on what dealer I should visit in SoCal etc.

@livesandiego I live near you (I’m in Temecula)

@theracer21 when did you lease yours? Was it recently?

@305Hackr I believe they do! I’m not a super big Jeep fan thou. Beautiful looking cars thou

@jon1 how do you like yours? They are beautiful!

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Funny how you can get a cheaper car with more features than luxury… $230 a month corolla has adaptive cruise :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to HARD pass on that Corolla :wink:


For sure. It’s just crazy that the higher end cars haven’t gotten there yet.

The BMW dealer in your area posts demo;s ob here a lot.

Range rover sport would be nice :slight_smile:

Recently the 2018 SQ5 Premium Plus have been the best value of that range of SUVs, we’ve seen them in the $600’s with MSD’s but I haven’t looked at the numbers since December. I have no idea if adaptive cruise is standard or an option though on it.

X3 m40i is a great vehicle but it’s slightly newer so has tended to be more expensive, and doesn’t come with a lot of standard tech that the SQ5 does like blind spot monitors.

I used to have a 2017 GLC43 but traded it in for an X5M due to gearbox issues. GLC63 looks great but it’s a car to finance not lease, as @jon1 wrote the Stelvio Quadrifoglio is a good proposition and would be a lot cheaper to lease than the comparative ultra performance SUVs like GLC63, Macan Turbo, etc.

The Stelvio is the best car I’ve owned, and I’ve owned e46 BMW (back in the BMW golden years), Mazda mx-5, and infiniti Q50 Red sport. I’d definitely recommend taking a look and a test drive.

Here is a decent review:

Not to nitpick but you haven’t really narrowed down, you’re still deciding between 4 brands and 4 cars with very different dynamics. The Macan is a CUV while the others are larger, the GLE is a coupe body style, etc so it’s not even comparable. In terms of value, the X3 and SQ5 maybe have the most workable leases, the GLE will lease like a dog given the coupe body style. Porsche will require the right moment in time when incentives are good.

Don’t make yourself crazy going after deals for each of those models, find the top 2 and then focus.

@Siejammy just to clarify I’m looking at the non-coupe GLE. I’m not a fan of SUV coupes personally

@jon1 I’ll go give it a test drive! I had an e46 as well and still miss it

@ajgraham the Prestige SQ has ACC so that may work

I’ve never done MSD’s but they sound like a decent idea. Do most dealer know about them or is this really something I need to address with them?

As others have mentioned, Sq5 leases the best in this segment. Unfortunately, you’ll have to step up to the prestige trim to get what you want; prestige leases worse than p+, also stickers higher and you may end up paying for other features you don’t want or need.

Macan leases the worst. Also, the base Macan is a 4cyl, so at that point you might as well be driving a q5. 2018 is also previous generation for the Macan, with ‘19 being all new. Also as mentioned, Macan is smallest of the bunch.

X3 was all new for ‘18 and we’ve seen decent leases on ex loaner/demo m40i. Doesn’t lease quite as well as the sq5, but generally a very well regarded vehicle.

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@Cody_Carter that’s one reason I keep circling back to the new Toyota Avalon- nice looking and ACC. Frankly, I won’t consider a car without it now.

Thanks for clarifying. I just wanted to help but apparently I’m not as smart as(s) some on these forums :wink:

Porsche’s depreciate slower than most others, so I’d personally recommend buying over leasing if you want to go with the Macan (especially since the MF is so high on Porsche leases - but you already know that). Get a couple good options on a $60k Macan and finance it for your less than $1k a month payment. Based upon a couple quick calculations, you’d probably owe less on the car in 3 years than market value and you could sell it to lower your total out of pocket expenses.

The only other one I have any real knowledge on is the Audi SQ5. If you’re okay with getting a demo with ~4k miles then you can get a $65k MSRP SQ5 for probably $55k cap cost, and lease it in the high $600’s.

OP, a loaded X5 and separately an X5M have been posted recently in the Marketplace