GLE350 AWD deal

Helping guide someone on a current offer from a dealer in Washington state (which does not seem good at all), is $5500 cash down (NOT MSD), 36 months/10k miles for $586 a month.
MSRP $60,295
Car dealers Savings: -$4,155
Corporate discount: -$1750
Car dealers Price = $54,390

Sales tax: $5,330.22
Tax/reg (est): $400
Doc fee: $150

BALANCE DUE: 60,270.2

There is not much MBenz competition here (not California style deals)

In Dec I was offered a $63k GLE350 for $591, that is with auto pay and 6xMSDs. Nothing down, standard drive offs. 36/10.

It would be helpful to see the MF being charged here and a breakdown of the drive offs.

It does not look like a good deal.


MF = .00047
Residual = 56%
10k miles/36