GLC300 loaner lease

What do you think 9K off 50k MSRP on 2019 GLC300 36/12k lease $740 due at signing $512/m with tax included. This is a loner with 6K miles

Not an expert opionion. But this is what i found on RODO.
I am in NY

You need to tell us so much more info to evaluate the deal. Search the forum for how deals are posted here with the required info such as
*Edmunds MF, RV, incentives
*the MF and RV dealer is charging
*tax rate
*DAS breakdown (downpayment, MSDs)
Without the proper info we can’t steer you where to negotiate. Most likely very inflated MF is present. Get this info and repost and I’m sure you’ll get more feedback.

I’ll tell you right now don’t sign this, it’s a bad deal. Are you rolling any negative equity into this or something?

Brand new

More details would be helpful, including your tax rate.

Absent that information, it’s probably an okay deal.