GLC300 4matic 2018 Loaner lease offer

I got a lease offer on a loaner GLC300 4matic:
4matic, white on white, Premium Package, Burmester, without the multimedia system which my wife didn’t like.

MSRP: 48875
Sale price: 40300 (17% discount)
MF: 0.00038 (with 4500 MSD)
Residual: 56% (10k)
Drive off: 1500 + 4500MSD
Monthly: 444 (9% tax included)
Miles: ~4200
From CA, bay area

Lease hacker score is around 9.5 I could not get to the exact numbers, so I tweaked them a bit.

  • The car is not CPO so I will be without warranty in the last 4 months.
  • They are not willing to add my fleet discount to the deal.
  • I am talking with the dealer for more than a month, I got them to 15% down at the beginning which was: 2000 + 460.

Should I pull the trigger? should I wait more? I can wait for a month or two if you guys think that I can do better (I am flying all next month anyway…)

Ideally I would want the 19 RDX but they are ridiculously expansive at the moment and I don’t think that it will change in the near future (my max monthly is ~440), my wife as cx5 touring at the moment so I wanted so to spice things out a bit :slight_smile: but maybe I should just get cx5 GT which have more safety features like adaptive cruise control and active lane keeping assist… ?

The calc is a bit off as I tried to get the number to match unsuccessfully.
leasehackr calculator

Not a bad deal but it is hard to pay 444 for a GLC when the Stelvio or CX9-Touring is 100 less…