Gladiator Rubicon Numbers Popping Up

Seeing ads finally

Was this with the fabled 93% RV? I suspect not.

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I mean this doesn’t seem too bad really. Only 1st payment due at signing and under 1% before tax? The only thing fishy is “equal or under $58,680”

Thats not fishy.

Theyll do that deal on a Rubi at that MSRP :slight_smile:

Just protecting themselves.

If i had a need and or time and knew the market was ready to blow in these I’d grab a few leases, and flip them.

36/10 looks to be ~71% per Edmunds

Still fairly high

Looks like the residual is 87% for an automatic Sport model(msrp ~$41,000) for 24 months and 10k miles. The MF is really high at approximately .0022+.

How would buying the lease out work? Wouldn’t it just be the same as buying it? What is the benefit?

With other leases I have seen if you pay for the lease in full right away they either reduce or in some cases eliminate the money factor(interest rate).

How is this a deal or a tip?


I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about. Buying out a lease as opposed to just buying to begin with only makes sense if lease incentives >>> purchase incentives.

If you buy out a lease, you owe sales tax on the buyout amount and you’re also paying interest on the new financed amount unless paying cash. The finance charges would be substantially higher even at a lower APR due to financing $41k instead of $6k or whatever the lease cost is. You’ve also just paid an acquisition fee for no apparent reason. TINSTAAFL.


LMAO at all these hypotheticals.

Let’s see what this thing actually retails for after 2-3 years, and not just assume it’s going to be worth 87-71% the captive sets it at.

He’s talking about a one pay. Apparently he has seen a one pay option where they reduce the MF to zero.

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You must be the mouse in his pocket, because I don’t read that at all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Does Chrysler Cap even do a one pay MF reduuction? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a one pay from this forum on an FCA product.

I don’t think FCA does, I just think that’s what he is trying to say.

What’s us bank deals on these? For my wrangler Rubicon I got best numbers with us bank.

You still have to pay interest on the residual, even if you do a one pay.

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Yes you are correct. I was thinking of buying out the lease completely but then it depends on the resale value actually being worth 87% which may or may not be the case. You would also have to either pay for the residual out of pocket or finance that residual at a low interest rate.

Yes I was confused. Only a full buyout will reduce the interest to zero. This would only be beneficial if the car is actually worth the full 87% after two years and you could find really low financing for the residual.