GLA 250W4 Dealer Demo Lease terms

I am being offered a dealer demo with 8k miles and was wondering your thoughts on this deal? They want me to come in tomorrow to sign or the deal is off the table supposedly:

2017 GLA 250W4 - Night black, premium package, 19" wheels, smarphone package.
MSRP $40,855.
Marked down to $34,200.
36 mo 15,000 mile lease
$1790 down
$427 a month payment

How does this deal stack up? It’s similar payment to my GLK that I have currently, but a smaller car.

Very bad deal! Runnnnn

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That money factor has to be over .200 by eyeballing it. The GLA is heavily subvented. Bad deal.

Terrible Deal lol!!!

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I was thinking it was too high. What would a good price to shoot for be?