GLA 250 vs Romeo stelvio

If you can had a choice which would you choose? 36/10 lease

I would be embarrassed to drive a GLA


These are not even in the same ballpark. The Stelvio is closer to a sportscar, while the GLA is closer to an econo hatch.

Drive them both, it will be an easy choice!

I have a problem driving a car the dealership loans out when you have yours in for maintenance (C-classes).

Stelvio, hands down. Not even close, IMO.

Obviously Stelvio. GLA250 will be much cheaper though.

and why not a BMW?

Stelvio - better looking and driving

Too many farts? :nauseated_face:

100% stelvio.

The GLA And GLC (minus AMG) cant compete against the stelvio.

GLE And above? Sure but that’s a different price range.