GLA 250 2018 -- Help with difference between price sheet + LH?

Hi all,

I just started talking with a MB dealer and got a first offer on a 2018 GLA 250 loaner, with about 7k miles.
I cannot figure out how the numbers are so different - any help? Thanks in advance!

MSRP 41,445
Sale price 35987
MF .00076
Residuals 56%
36 months, 12k/year
1,500 down + 535/month (pic attached)

LH Calculator has me @ 948 + 461/month


You didn’t adjust the RV for the miles. The doc fee is also wrong.


That’s it - thanks Jon, appreciate the quick help.

This is one of the worst leases I’ve seen recently.

Yet the dealer is “offering the absolute lowest” that they possibly can… I have obviously moved on.
It just seemed like every time I get an offer I’m always way off with the calculator, so was looking for a sanity check.

I mentioned this in another post, but its like near impossible to find a good deal on luxury brand (bmw, audi, mb, etc) with these 2 requirements - adaptive cruise control & apple carplay or android auto.