Give back lease with one key not working?

I have to give back my Nissan lease this week. I managed to lose one key, so I purchased another one online without realizing that this type needs to be programmed by a dealer or locksmith. I called a few and they want 150 just to program it.

Do you think Nissan will charge me if the second key doesn’t work, or is it worth taking a chance that they don’t notice?

Is it an actually key or a keyless system? If it’s a keyless system and the keys are together, I doubt anyone would notice.

It’s keyless.

When the keys are tied together does the car try reading the non programmed fob? Did you have an inspection done?

I had an inspection done, he didn’t note anything about the key. No other damage. It works fine with both keys tied together.

Likely no one will notice

Send it! :red_car::dash:


You can certainly roll the dice, but don’t be surprised if you get a bill for reprogramming the keys. AutoVIN has never checked the keys for any of my inspections (my first keyless lease was a 2009) but they always ask if you have both keys and if they work.

Just curious - Nissan key fobs don’t have an emergency/physical key in it? Shouldn’t those need to be cut too?

(my last Nissan was 7 years ago so I have no clue…)

Typically they’ve asked me but for whatever reason this inspector didn’t.

Any idea what Nissan might charge to reprogram the key?

Good point, it does have the emergency key.

No idea. Call a random Nissan dealer near you and ask them what they charge.

I returned it today, I’ll update once I get my final bill.

Got the final bill and they did not charge anything for the key.

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Yup, pretty standard, once it’s inspected you’re pretty much good to go.

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