Gf lease return next month need replacement ~$220

My GF has a chevy malibu that she currently leases. She pays $220/Mo with only first month+ bank fee up front.

Looking to find something similar this year. Might go a little higher if quality is a big jump but nothing too crazy. maybe $250ish

Any ideas?

2017 Toyota Camry SE, 2017 Nissan Altima, 2017 Honda Accord LX should all be $220 or less with some negotiating.

how do they compare to the malibu in features/quality

Certainly take a look to decide for yourself, but for instance, Camry has been the best selling sedan for several years in a row, so it is very popular from a price/value standpoint. Accord and Camry usually hold value well, which makes them good lease candidates. They also hold value well because of perceived/actual reliability.

how about the CT200h

acura ilx? Mazda 3/6?

going to look around today. Any ideas?

Start with cars that you might actually want to keep (toyota, honda). Then go down the totem pole to american/korean.

Make sure you take the following numbers down AND go on edmunds to find out the base MF and residual.

  1. MSRP of the car you want: (Window Sticker Price)
  2. Selling price of the car (your negotiated price of the car)
  3. Gross cap cost of the car (this is the selling price + all bullshit fees taxes etc)
  4. Cap cost reductions with $0 down (Also known as Incentives)
  5. Money Factor (MF)
  6. Residual (in %)
  7. Term of your lease (months)
  8. Mileage allotment (7.5K/10K/12K/15K…etc)

Please also ask on edmunds what the base MF and residual are.
If you are unsure of how to do this:

Google [Model Year] [Manufacturer] [Model] [Lease Edmunds]
For example 2017 Lexus ES350 Lease Edmunds

Make an account on edmunds using 10minutemail if you don’t want spam.

  1. Post your State, Mileage Allotment, Incentives, and Lease Term on that forum and wait for MF, incentives, and residual numbers.

Once we have these numbers, we’ll be able to provide you with a lease deal evaluation.

Thank you.

Lol whats wrong with the american/korean cars? She deff won’t be keeping this lease as shes in medical school right now and I imagine when she graduates she will get a little nicer of a vehicle.

also she likes her chevy cruze right now (2016 model) but doesnt like the look of the new ones.

for a lease there’s nothing wrong. but if you want an american/korean car that won’t leak or blow a tranny at 80K. Good luck.

That’s just by the numbers on the NHTSA website summarized here:
(just look at the NHTSA complaints, technical service bulletins (TSBs issued by manufacturer for warranty covered repairs) Not the user submitted crap)

Check out the elantra and sonata. New body style sonata is coming out in a month or 2 so you can get upwards of 9k off on a 2017 lease.

Ok going up to $300/MO but nothing over.

Using the honcker app it looks like I can find some impreza’s and Mazda 6’s for about that amount of money. Any ideas on SLICK deals?