Getting the terms of the deal

After months of searching, I finally found exactly what I want and the dealer quoted me the price I want. But he just gave me down payment and monthly. I want all the terms of the deal and they are dragging their feet. Anyone have any experience on this? I’d much rather do it all over email so that we don’t waste time going down there just to have them grind us, have to walk out, blah blah blah. Anyone have advice getting these details hammered out ahead of time?

Then what’s the problem? :slight_smile:

Well, he didn’t answer when I asked whether tax was included. He told me down payment but I don’t know driveoff. Aren’t there a lot of places they could hide fees?

Yeah, sure. Tell him to provide full breakdown (or at least confirm payment & total due at signing) or you will move to the next dealer. They just very reluctant because people shop quotes around. I had to contact manager directly to let him know I was serious and wasn’t going shop their numbers around.

“I finally found exactly what I want and the dealer quoted me the price I want”

Well no, he didn’t. He quoted you a ballpark amount with a lot of details to be filled in, which re refuses to fill in.

Sounds sketchy.

I’d go into the dealership and ask for a printed copy of the contract, then say you need 24 hours to review it.

That’s what they want OP to do.

For future reference, if you tell the dealer a specific price you are looking for, you also need to specify that you want the “all-in” price, with only x amount due at signing. Otherwise they can hide a bunch of random crap in there and you’d never know until you walk into the dealership.

I’m not opposed to going in. A lot of times doing everything via email can be a time waster. I know dealers want people there because it’s easier to pressure someone in person than via email. But I’m guessing everyone reading this, doesn’t fall into the easily pressured by a car salesman category. Tell the sales rep ahead of time you’re coming at 1:00pm to pick up the contract and have it ready. Then you show up at 1:00, if by 1:05 you don’t have the piece of paper in your hand, you walk out.

The dealership is about 40 min away and I’m going to have to haul my kids down there in a zipcar. Hence the desire to work it out in advance. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be opposed to going in, either. My FIL suggested just calling the sales manager and explaining the situation and asking for confirmation of the deal before I go.

Yes, call the sales manager and tell him that you are happy with the monthly payments, will not shop around their quote and will come in to sign as soon as everything else is confirmed by email.

Oh @ursus, if they quote you the payment you want without giving you the basic numbers, then they are just using it as a ploy to get you to come over. That is the problem When all numbers are laid out plain, then chances of “unforeseen” fees and taxes etc are much lower.

Did they give you an exact payment and drive off with fees and taxes for an exact stock number? If not, then they have a lot of wiggle room to change things …

1st - I was joking, mostly
2nd - If they gave the payment she wanted AND total drive offs - then who cares what they put in there and how they structured it, right?
Don’t tell me you’d keep questioning $350/mo with $0 down and $1,500 drive off on an E-class loaner with 3k miles and $60K MSRP :slight_smile: But, of course, it’s still nice to know the whole breakdown

OK, guys. Got the #deals-and-tips
MSRP 48,165
RV 61%
Sell Price: 42,000
Term: 36
Rate: .00105
Down: $1000

Cash Cap Reduction: $80.55
Capped Fees: $975
Total Taxes: $1512.05
Adjust Cap Cost: $42894
Lic/Reg Upfront: $377
Upfront fee: $29

Amt due at start: $1000
Working Cash: $1000

Base Monthly Rental: $464.40
Total Monthly Payment: $506.25

OK so I know you guys would rather $0 down but I’ve been shopping for this car for months and this is far and away the best deal I’ve been offered. So dumb questions but does amt due at start = driveoff? What is the $975 capped fees? The leasehackr calculator gives me a lower payment so its padded somewhere but do I just ask what the driveoff is and to @Ursus point, if I like the driveoff & monthly, who cares about the rest?

Thanks in advance for all your help, guys. This forum has been amazing for my car shopping!

What car is it? Did you check MF, are they marking it up? Tax?

I see $1,000 due at signing includes Lic/Reg Upfront: $377 Upfront fee: $29 First month: $506.25 Cash Cap Reduction: $80.55 and some $36 (probably just gave you a round number)

Adjust Cap Cost: $42894 includes Capped Fees: $975 (probably acquisition fee) minus Cash Cap Reduction: $80.55

Payments should be $467/mo including tax

This looks like it might be a MB vehicle. If so, you should do auto-pay and MSDs to lower the MF.

Thanks, @Jon Jon. Its an Audi. @Ursus my tax rate is 9.5% so that is making the payment a bit higher. There is still something else in there bumping it up, but thanks for due @ signing amount. I will try to confirm with them.

At 9.5% it’s $494/mo incl tax…