Getting the New Car Itch again

Recently joined the forum as I have been searching for the next big deal. My lease has 4 months left on it but I only have 1k miles left and do about 1k a month. Currently in a Hyundai Genesis 2015 which is now the g80. The g80 sport is nice but to early to get a good deal and the G90 is way out of budget. Originally I put zero down and they also paid 1500 dollars for my last lease. Now paying $450 on the genesis. Since the rebrand the prices have changed on the genesis. I’m currently in Texas and looking for the G80 with option 3 package. Has anyone come across these numbers? Also if someone happens to get the hack for the g80 sport to get it to about $500 please share.

How about an Infiniti Q50 red sport?


Have not looked at infiniti recently although I do know someone at infiniti so I will take a ride…

Great. If you are having new car itch, might as well look around rather than scratch and sniff the same old Hyundai/genesis and who knows what name they will come up with next year :slight_smile:


if you love korean cars, kia stinger

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Nice find on the stinger :slight_smile:

Stinger looks good but not out until fall I think.

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Maxima is a good choice if you don’t mind going to fwd.

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The current Maxima does not appeal to me, does not have a luxury feel.

Q50 Red might just be your best ption

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Or go back to the G80 again, I think if I get it with the option 3 I would be relatively happy for about 28 months. LOL…

Then try a 2 year lease. Me personally I’d like to take a step up in luxury.

@Warbeast not attached to Korean but in order to get a Nice car under $500 a month with zero down these days takes you away from the European. American luxury may be something to look at although the only car I’ve seen that sparked interest was the new caddy and maybe the Lincoln Continental but the Lease options for them are a little Proud!

Continental lease bad and i bet your G80 drives better. I drove it and hated it but like the styling.


Yes, Agreed the Lease on the continental is crazy and Texas taxes don’t help.

You need to do what rich people do and set up an LLC in Montana and lease/buy the car through your company since they don’t have sales tax lol.

Seriously a Good Idea! The still Beat me up with the Real Estate taxes… 2.4% =(

Step 1 - register in Montana
Step 2 move to Montana or other low/no tax state

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Don’t need to be rich to set up an LLC in Montana :slight_smile:

I ran from the cold some years back, originally from NYC. Yeah I won’t be moving to Montana. LOL.