Getting ready to pull trigger on qx60 but

I’m at the end of a nissan lease,with over,mileage,and it needs tires. So I have been shopping nissan parhfinder and infinity qx60. Not a lot of excitement on the pathfinder.
I am currently at
Massachusetts resident
Qx60 pure msrp 47020
413mo for 15k 39mo
2700 msd
1815 das
Reg, first mo, doc fees, acq fee, and taxes on those fees.
Please tell me that is a decent deal.
Im sick of,shopping and negotiation.
Thanks in advance.

You should check the marketplace, there are several sellers in your area with the exact qx60 for much less.

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I have reached out and this is from one of them. Hoping to get a local dealer to match. But Being in mass I miss out on some incentives and I have no vpp. Also jacked up to 15k. And the monthly includes sales taxes.

Why are you not getting from the broker and getting it matched by local dealers?

The dealer who he works with did not want to deliver or do massachusetts. Can’t blame him.

Ahhh ok makes sense now.