Getting out of lease early help

Hello Hackrs. I have a 2017 Honda accord sport with 14k miles and in pristine condition. I had two cars the other one was a g37 but it has recently sold. I want to have one car but a faster one, hate the Honda. I pay $329 a month and have 23 months left. Payoff is $23,700 and residual is $14,900. I put $1500 out of pocket when I got the Honda back in may '16. Was 24 when I got the car with bad credit. I fixed everything and never missed a payment. Have about $50k in available credit across the board so my credit is fine now and no debt. Any help in how I should go about getting out of this car, if possible. Thank you for your time. I’m in NYC.

The only way you’re getting out of that lease early is if you sell the car and pay the payoff. Get a quote and see how much you are in the red.

I was going to do that yesterday but I didn’t want to waste my time. But I guess if I don’t I’ll never know. I really like the scat packs. The gas here in NY is super expensive though.

If you’re 26 you don’t know what expensive gas is. Just wait till trump wants a distraction and starts bombing an oil rich Middle East country.


I know President Trump needs a distraction. I mean oil pricing has nothing to do with market cafots, demand, higher economic activity, or manipulation.