Getting out of 2020 bmw 740xi lease

Hey guys first post here hope I can get some valuable input. Looking to get out of my lease 16 months early. I have a 45K mileage allowance of which I’ve already ate up 34k. So safe to say I’ll be hitting the 45K mark by the end of the year if I stay with the vehicle. Just wondering what my best option would be without taking too big of a $$ hit.

2020 740Xi
36 month lease with 16 months remaining
$1475 monthly payment
Payoff amount is $74K
KBB average offer for vehicle is between $50k-$55K

Looking to get into G63 or Range Rover

Ouch on that monthly payment. What was the MSRP?

MSRP is 103K. I rolled in some negative equity from my previous vehicle which bumped up the payment $200 a month.

Give an incentive of $12400, which would bring the effective payment to a more palatable $700/mo. Then prepare to gift another $20k-$50k in order to buy a G63.

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Yes I was thinking of covering half of remaining lease payments or payoff cost which is essentially the same at this moment considering what the average offer is at the moment for the vehicle and hope dealer would cover the other half and roll over. Not sure if that’s even possible.

And yea g63 that’s another conversation lol I’d have to find one first :man_facepalming:t2:

You don’t need to involve a dealer. You do a lease transfer and offer it as an incentive to the new leasee who would take over the lease.

Ok are you suggesting a platform like swapalease?

Yes or just finding someone on here. There is a Private Lease transfer section here.

Thanks just scanned through the section briefly. Hoping I can get something done in there :+1:

You won’t find anyone in here. Everyone wants a deal unless like someone suggest to pay half of the payments. Wish you luck!

I’d say watch out for the low ballers, but you probably already know they’re out there circling :slight_smile: GLWT

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Yea seems like the best route is to offer that incentive and being that payment down. Thanks.

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I sent you a message, have somebody interested provided you are giving an incentive.

My concern is BMW is real sticklers on transfer approvals. Though someone can offer $700-800 payment but in BMW eyes it is still a $1500 payment

They declined me for a x7 transfer at $1000 a month but approved me for $1000 a month financing another car.

It’s about security for them imo, probably a way to boost new car sales(maybe not now but in general) as well considering its bmw’s captive and not a 3rd party.

I have done about 3 transfers so far and haven’t had anyone declined, an x3 m40, a 530i and a 540. Nothing fancy by any means and these were also a few years ago so maybe things have changed.

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That would be true of any decently run bank. The credit and DTI needs to be strong enough to support not only the $1,475 monthly payment but also the tax on top of it depending on the state.

The fact that some cash is being handed to the second lessee is immaterial to the credit app and DTI.

Yup. That’s what I mean. BMW doesn’t know OP will be giving half payments up front. Tough sell completely

Also keep in mind someone is still liable for the pre-incentive tax liability. So $1500 x 16 is about 24k, taxes on that is due on transfer payable by assumee.

In this situation, wouldn’t it be cheaper to just ride out the lease until the end, and pay the mileage overage? Seems like heavily subsidizing the lease transfer would cost more than just keeping it until the end and paying the penalty for miles.


It would be effectively $700 only on a pretax basis. The most natural buyer would be someone from NYC who would owe $2,000+ or $130/month in taxes

And that’s before getting into more miles purchased, remaining life left on consumables such as tires, brakes, etc.