Getting frustrated

So my volt lease is up in 10 days and I would like to get another one but I feel like all the dealers are playing games. I had one LT volt demo locked up by phone and told the salesperson I was coming down and she called me back within the hour and said it was sold. I’m looking for a volt LT lease for either 24 or 36 month with 15k per year for around $300/mo. The one I missed out on was a demo but was $300/mo with supplier pricing. Am I being unrealistic or should I be able to get what I want for $300/mo? I got another dealer that quoted me $458/mo on an LT that was $32,000.

I’m in Michigan and I believe there is $4200 incentive being offered on LT leases.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Try a broker first to get a baseline. From my understanding people been getting thise cars for cheaper than 458 the dealer is offering. Search the forum for the volt deals to get an idea. See problem is if they know you need a car soon they will play chicken with you. Do not tell them you need a car immediately.

Thanks for the advice.

Any recommendations for brokers in the Detroit area?

If you google you can find someone i guess. Anthony at DSR leasing posts here but not sure if he is leasing in every state.