Getting a Tesla Model 3 at a leasehackr worthy deal for those in CA - hypothetical $400 a month for the $45k MR version

I know this is a nontraditional post but thought I would share for those who are looking at a Tesla Model 3. For this deal you need to purchase the car or you can finance the full amount. I am showing what the monthly cost would be for someone who wanted to own the car for a short term similar to a lease (36 months). I accounted for 50% depreciation for 36 months as a conservative estimate on what your car would be the worth after that term period (Tesla’s have traditionally kept over 60 percent resale in first 3 years).

The Tesla Model 3 Mid Range with premium package sells for $45k, rounded up to $50k to take into account tax and doc fees.

So if you have a $50,000 car that depreciates 50% in 36 months it would be worth $25,000. You should theoretically be able to walk over to carmax and get $25000 for selling your car to them. Which means you lost $25000 of your initial cost.

$25,000 / 36 months = $694 a month you paid to have the car

However when you factor in rebates to the total cost, thats when your really come out ahead.

$25000 - $7500 (get that back in full after taxes filed) - $2500 CA rebate - $500 PGE. = $14,500. Over 36 months that comes to cost of $402 per month.

If car holds 60% value in 36 months then it would come out to effective monthly of around $360 a month.

Didnt factor in financing as it varies for people, but if you shop around it comes out to $20-50 a month if you get between .99-3.5% rates for 36 month loan.

Doing it this way will likely be much better than waiting for Tesla to open up leasing because Tesla has traditionally not given the $7500 rebate to the consumer but used it to artificially help with residual value which they set a very low rate to begin with.

** $7500 federal credit will be reduced after end of this year, so you must take delivery before 2019. For those in CA, if ordered within next week you should easily make the 6-10week delivery window. Will be cut to $3750 in January

I think you are a little optimistic with your residual, especially if people do trade ins. I would calculate it based on 20K, especially for a car with no autopilot.

And you don’t get trade in tax credit in California either.

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Your math is flawed in regards to the interest and I think it comes out to almost double your estimate.


I think leasing a volt or bolt would be allot easier and cheaper, or a clarity if you want something bigger.

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Even if your RV prediction is correct, it would be on MSRP, not the OTD total including all TTL.


Went through it, missing the loan balance to get free of the car.45%20AM


can get a lot of car for $600…

The logic is flawed and the math is also wrong. At work and don’t have time to break it down fully, just know you’re quite a bit off.

If you’re needing to justify the tesla via financials, they’re never a positive story comparatively.


If we just accept the 50% RV (I don’t, but let’s just pretend) on the MSRP (not the “rounded up to an unbelievably round number of $50k) which is

0.50 * 45,000 = 22500

That’s a $2500 delta in your “calculations” right there.

2500 / 36 = 69

That ups your “payment” by 17% immediately. And that’s not the only issue.

Highly doubtful I’m being optimistic on the trade in. My dad turned in a Model S to vroom. MSRP was $88k, got $62k after over 30 months. Also got the federal rebates on top of that. Model 3 can have autopilot added after too. With the reduction of the federal tax credits, it will likely improve the resale values of the Teslas

I have two Teslas in my family I received a 1.39% APR on the Model 3. I have also leased 4 hackr worthy deals from BMW and Fiat, and feel the Tesla Model 3 can be an excellent value if they keep updating the software (which they will) and resale values stay high (which they have so far).

PM me for details on getting the best possible value prior to placing your order. I’m more than happy to help.

Can get 1.79% for a 36 month term if you look around. I believe penfed is offering .99% for 36 months. Also the MSRP should be $45k not $49. The new MR 260 mile version is the cheaper one. $49k is the original long range RWD version. Once you factor in the reduced finance rates/length term and lower MSRP I’m sure your numbers would show more favorably.

I’ll get an electric the day after the Beatles get back together.

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Model 3 is a mass-market car. This thing isn’t going to be worth as much as a more niche S is in 3 years. Battery tech is likely to change over that time as well in addition to more competition hitting the roads…yes, you’re being optimistic.

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Yeah, that APR is what i get from my bank right now, and 49k is for getting better paint and different wheels.

I’m sure a lot of people don’t want $1300+ monthly payments for a Model 3.

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1300 for 1 Model 3
1300 for 2 Corvettes

----> Corvette wins.


Black with the aero covers off doesn’t look too bad and will save $3k ($83.33 a month) over the 36 month period.

I have a leased i3 I picked up here for $161/month taxes included and after rebates ($4850 total cost for 30 months). Also own a BMW 435i and now have had the Tesla Model 3 for 6 months. Love the Tesla and lots of misinformation is spread about it. Apart from gas savings, it’s just a plain out fun car to drive and has cool tech features. It’s not for everyone, but major reviews have been solid and it’s a safe vehicle. I purchased it as long term use vehicle but just trying to start a discussion that if you get your financing properly lined up and want the 260mile premium package version with stock black paint it can come to be a relatively fair value.

Are you comparing a financing payment to a lease(s)?

Yes, I know it’s apples to oranges in the long term.