Getting a car in NY/NJ and registering it in Fl

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Hi guys,

So I currently live in NY but will be spending 50% of my time in FL, and already have residence down there.

I have 2 leases that are both ending in Dec, but I won’t be going down to FL until Feb. Both cars are registered in NY. Does anyone know if I can get my new lease in NY/NJ but register it in Florida?

Thanks so much!

If you have an address in Florida then you can register it there and pay florida state taxes and government fees on it. It may take longer to get tags may take slightly longer, though.

Make sure your insurance company is tracking the car will be garaged and used in two states throughout the year.

Best of luck.

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Thank you, I really appreciate the response. So the NY dealership that I get my new lease from should be able to provide me with Temp Tags until the plates arrive by mail correct?

Basically it would be the same as registering it in NY except i would give my Florida Zip to the dealer and they would take care of registration right?

Not all dealers are willing to register out-of-state, so you need to make sure they are willing to.

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I imagine this is super common for NJ/NY dealers due to the number of snowbirds

And Flahhhhrida is incredibly easy for reg

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