Get those Fiats while you can

Looks like Fiat’s 3rd trip to the US is about to end…

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Fiat was doomed from start. FCA did not have the resources to properly reintroduce it to market, it’s product line was extremely limited and didn’t at all address the SUV/Crossover craze.

I still think FCA is less valuable than the some of its parts. Spin off Jeep and Ram which are tremendously valuable. Spin off Alfa and Massersti. Then sell the Chrysler and Fiat trademarks to a Chinese automaker looking to enter the US and EU market. Fiat, Chrysler and Lancia appear to be money losers themselves so put them out to pasture.

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Looks like Chrysler is going to stick around a little longer. Mums the word on Dodge and Fiat at the moment, which doesn’t bode well for them.