Get paid to be a leasehackr?


Hey Everyone,

Figured i’d post this in the off ramp, seems like a proper place for it.

We’re looking to add an individual with a particular set of skills to our DSR Team here in Orange County, CA.

We’re constantly shopping for new car deals for all of our clients, leasehackrs included sometimes too.

Seems reasonable to seek out someone here on leasehackr hoping to find someone that shares our love for shopping new cars.

If you’ve seen on our site, we market lease offers on over 3000 new models and need help managing market pricing that drives our lease offers to ensure they’re always on point.

PM me if you’re interested or know someone that is.




Is this full-time or a part-time gig


Not exactly full time, I would say 20 hours a week +/- a few.


what about the NYC area


It could work. We use alot of google sheets products.